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This weekend we´ve celebrated Miguel´s birthday and for that, I made 2 cakes: a birthday and a veggie cake.


The birthday cake was made following Mary Berry´s chocolate rum cake but with this oven that I have, it´s really hard to get a good baking. Sometimes I believe that this oven doesn´t follow Thermodinamic rules. So for this cake, instead one, I have had to make 2 cakes. The cake was tasty and nice but too rich.

And for lunch, I made a vegetable cake following a recipe from Avoca Café Cookbook. It was lovely but a little bit ugly. I will write down the recipes below.


Chocolate Rum Cake

main cake:

200 g plain chocolate
100 g unsalted butter
50 ml Rom
3 eggs separated
100 g dark muscovado sugar
75 g self rising flour
50 g ground almonds
225 g plain chocolate
100 g unsalted butter
4 tbsps apricot jam

Pre-heat the own to 180ºC. Grease cake tin. Melt the chocolate and the butter on a bowl over a pan of hot water. Place the eggs yolks and the sugar on other bowl, mix them well and then pour the chocolate over them. Add to this mix, rom, eggs whites, flour and almonds. Mix them well and then turn into the tin. Bake it 45 minutes. Allow to cool down. Cut in two pieces and fill it with the mix of chocolate, butter and jam (Melt the chocolate and the butter on a bowl over a pan of hot water and mix with the jam).

From here you could find my changes: in the filling i didn´t include jam and I only mix chocolate and cream. For icing, you can use suger icing paste (ready paste that you can find them in the supermarket ready to use). I covered the cake with a mix of chocolate and butter (Melt the chocolate and the butter on a bowl over a pan of hot water) and let it to get hard into the fridge.

Nuts and lentils loaf

50g Puy lentils
300g orange lentils
50g butter
1 onion
3 carrots
3 celery sticks
6 cloves of garlic
75g breadcrumbs
150g Cheddar cheese
75g different nuts
6 eggs
Boil the lentils following packing time indications (40 minutes for puy lentils and 15 minutes for orange lentils). On a pan, melth the butter (I prefer to use olive oil instead of butter) and the other vegetables, cook them low not too long, don´t cook them until they loose their colors. On a bowl, place the vegetables, lentils, breadcrumbs, cheese, eggs and nuts. Mix them weel and turn them into the greased tin. Bake it at 170ºC for 45 minutes.

You can serve it cold or warm.