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I like Horror movies, I love to feel adrenaline caused by a good plot.However, withing horror genre there are thousand rubbish movies that or they are so predictable and so typical plots, or they are only remakes or sequels that they don´t have anything new to say about it. It´s really sad.


Nevertheless, sometimes I find a movie that make me think like Hostel by Quentin Tarantino (although it was written and directed by Eli Roth). Caution: Spoilers. The plot is about 3 young backpaquer guys traveling aroung Europe. In Holland, they met another young guy who persuaded them to go to Slovakia because there they will find beautiful women that go nuts with american men. When they arrive in this hostel, they will disappear one by one to become the “fun” by rich people with a lot of power and a lot of time to undergo new sensations, extreme ones. This movie has been criticized by its gore scenes but I think they´re not so hard and so gratuitous but this is not the key that I´d like to talk about.
In this story, there are not monster but human beings. Maybe because we don´t have any predator, we become in predators for the other human beings. We´re cruel, twisted, merciless, I mean we´re animal in the worst sense of this word. Another good examples are Running Man and Rollerball. The first one plot is about a group of convicts who are chasing while TV cameras are filming them. If one of them survives, he could be liberated or at least this is what they say. The second movie is Rollerball, in 2018 year there is a sport named Rollerball, it´s really violent and when one of the player is killed, audience is higher.

Running Man Rollerball

Like it was said in 8mm at the end (when Nicolas cage asked to the murdered and “actor” in the Snuff movies): “I´m sorry but I didn´t have a terrible childrenhood and my father never abused of me. I do what I do because I want and I can”. This is not new at all, Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness already explained it in the best possible way so, I only can farewell with Kurtz´s words: “The horror, the horror!”


Anyway, I don´t want to skip the chance to comment about a funny detail about Hostel and it was a short sentence of Takashi Miike in this movie. It was so funny! typical of his movies.
Miike y Roth