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I´m back and I´ve many things to tell you. Ten days is time enough for many things and I don´t know how to start. The first week I spent it visiting and meeting friends and relatives. As always, I wish had time to see you all but I couldn´t. At home, with my family we all together celebrated my 34th birthday. At the end of this month, I will be 34 years old and time keep on flying so fast…. I´ll talk about my gifts in future books but almost all were books and Fred. Fred was the most popular gift between my friends. Please, look the picture, isn´t it cute?

On Friday 6th July, some friends and I drove to Gijon, Asturias. The goods news is that one of my short stories, one named “y yo con estos pelos”, has been finalist of Premio Avalón de relato fantástico 2007 contest. I didn´t win but all the people enjoyed reading my short story a lot so that´s enough to make me feel proud and glad. It was awesome!
Now I´m at home and I´m willing and exciting to keep on writing, with many good experience on my back, with a lot of timefor living and what a hell! many dreams to make them real.