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From my trip to Asturias, I brought with me a book named “Guía de hoteles inventadosby Oscar Sipán.

It’s a little book, smooth, full of pictures and smelling like the small discoveries. We spy Ludovic Sindone, through unexisting window, during his trips to Alesia, Blonembum and Croatan cities and his stay in different hotels. Maybe because of my words, you can think that this is a book of travels but not, it’s more like a curse, a curse of rambling, like he was Sisifo without any stone nor any mountain, just with a case and a diary, trapped inside of an oppressive flashback. Writing in a black novel tone, Ludovic Sindone gathers anecdotes, characters, crazy descriptions of places and some impossible enumerations full of magic realism and black jokes. Using a poetic prose, he mixes real characters with fiction ones trying to make the readers smile.

The first idea when I was reading it, was that it remains me to Paul Aster’s books but later on it remains me more to “Mirror in the Mirror” by Michael Ende but with a bitter ending closer to the short stories by Kafka.

Anyway, I’m sure there is any bad thing in this book… and it’s… it doesn’t last forever. It was hard to say goodbye to Ludovic. Perhaps we’ll meet again in any hotel lobby before of my Ouija table during Houdini’s lover visits.