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These days are flying away so fast that the month is ending now. This Tuesday 31st July, I will be 34 years old. I can´t help myself and I was thinking about this year. I´m glad because many things happened and many of them, more than I expected, for good. At last, I´ve started writing again and sending my short stories to contests and so on, I have some projects really interesting and I hope they will come true soon. I keep on walking and swimming but I´ve only lost 1 Kg but who cares? I like my life a lot and everyday, I like it more. I´ve met new people and I have new friends, I keep my old ones (a little bit far but I know that they´ll be there for me). Concerning to my family, I´ve a pretty one year old niece, Susana (I have to publish here some pictures of her). I´m living with my boyfriend and our life together is so good, yes, I must confess that I´m happy!

So, I don´t mind to become one year older.

And this Tuesday, a friend will spend one week here with us.