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Who doesn´t know this boxer? Rocky Balboa is one of the heroes whom adventures arrived to our screens at the end of seventies and eighties. However, Italian Stallion is closer to an anti-hero that the character in the movies Rocky III or IV: just a man with handicaps and he knows them very well; he was never very smart, as his father told him time after time, and boxing is what he knows to do and do it well.
Rocky movies saga are special to me because I watched them when I was a kid. In that time, I strongly believed that if you try something harder enough you will get it. Good guys always win. Nevertheless, while I´ve watched the following sequels I saw Rocky wining and losing, even more losing everything and time doesn´t help. Until the last sequel, Rocky Balboa, for me, this last one is really good ending. In this one we can see an alone man, his wife died some years ago, now he manages a restaurant where he tells his boxing souvenirs to the clients and his son doesn´t want to be in touch with him. Later on, for reasons I prefer not to tell to avoid spoiler the movie, Rocky got a chance to go back to the ring because the boxers boxed.
As summary, Rocky movies saga is the story of a man with a dream and he fights for it. He won and lost a lot but he always was truly himself. When I was ten years old, I used to think that the good guys always won but now, I´m thirty something and I think that it´s not a matter of winning or losing, just a matter of who you are and you believe.