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These previous weeks I´ve read some comic and I´d like to talk about them.

Sueños sin noche. Authors: Felideus (art and writer), Jezabel (art), José Antonio Cotrina, Santiago Eximeno, David Jasso, Juan Antonio Fdez. Madrigal y MªIsabel Rodríguez (writers). Published by Diábolo Ediciones.

This is a horror short stories anthology. They were written and illustrated by young artist who are making their career in Fantasy Spanish Literature World. I do say that they are doing it pretty well. This small horror different sides kaleidoscope is a luxurious interesting bet: What a luxurious edition!

These stories talk about many subjects, from: lost childhood after finding out a secret (“Sueños febriles” by Jasso), all the closet have a monster inside (“Alicia” by Cotrina) o they talk about a new humanity beginning (“Transitus homini” by Madrigal). Eximeno contributes with his bitting sense of humour in a gore black joke (“Alimento para el alma”). I´d like to remark Felideus´story, “Black Hole Jack”, because it´s the most original and cinematographic story that I´ve ever read. It´s a mix of Tarantino with Rober Rodriguez with 80´s B-movies. It has something that makes me remind me of magazine “Creepy” stories. Just awesome.

And last but not least, Isabel Rodríguez´s story and art by Jezabel. Maybe this one is not a real comic, it´s closer to a legend and that´s why it needed an art like Old Church´s book pictures. It made me afraid if this happened in ancient times. Was it told in very old church stained-glass windows? This kind of story reminds me on the last illustrated novels by Brom.

Congratulations guys for this book! It´s just stunning!