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Mientras tanto dame la mano. Meanwhile take my hand
Kirmen Uribe. (English translator: Elizabeth Macklin)
Editorial Visor.
ISBN: 84 – 7522 – 548 – 9.

The first time I heard Kirme recited, was in America´s House in Madrid. I liked his naturalness, he looked like more like a confidant than a poet. I wanted to read more, to know his poetry, his images and this is the way that guided me to this book.

Unfortunately, this book is the only one trasnlated into Spanish by this prolific author. His poetry is close, silent and full of armonies, he talks about Bilbao and about Moscu as well, he talks about rivers, lives, trees and about the time. In special, he talks about the time that it is going by and we don´t realize it. He talks also about we say, about we don´t.

I leave you with these words:

There was news
Many letter arrived,
But not yours.