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Sahara Hotnights
1 de Marzo
Button Factory

The gig was really good although it started quite late because doors should have opened at 19.30 and they did it at 20.00; in addition the guest band didn´t start playing until 21.00. The guest band was “Love is all”, a Swedish indie pop band (of course it was Swedish, that gig belonged to Swedish Festival). The sound wasn´t clear, quite noisy and distorted, so as first time that I listened to them, my impression was quite bad. They played for 30 minutes but we had to wait for another thirty minutes more until the gig. Sahara Hotnights played for about one hour. They played songs of all their albums but in special, more of their latest one “What if leaving is a loving thing”. The sound was perfect, the performances awesome and the only thing I disliked was how long it was.

Miguel told me that the band didn´t talk too much with the audience but I think that in just one hour, it wasn´t time enough for it. I enjoyed it a lot, I danced every song and when we arrived home, we kept listening to them.