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Fell, vol. 1 Feral City
Warren Ellis, Ben Templesmith
Image comics

Fell, Feral City is the story of Richard Fell, homicides detective, everything started when he is moved on to Snowtown, a city in the middle of nowhere, where the citizen marked their houses for protection with a big S and cross through it. The volume consist of short chapters where we can see the city covered by a depressive distressing atmosphere; and the citizens moved between desperation, fear and hopeless despair. Fell’s cases are described by just few strokes of the brush and there we realize that not always the trust is the best option. The characters, like the cases, are hardly described by few details but it’s easy to see that Fell has a dark past and he runs away from something; Mayko, bar’s proprietary, has a painkiller’s addition, Lt. Beard, disappointed, decadent man, and so on. As an evil totem, we have a man dressed in a nun habit with a Nixon’s mask.

I’ve really enjoyed Fell’s first volume. The story flows through the watercolors and Fell’s Polaroid’s’ pictures creating restlessness and anguish getting all the chapters done with the feeling that Snowtown won’t never change and its crimes will keep on being creepy and chilling. You can read the first chapter online.