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Fio´s art

Zapardiel has tagged me to choose seven blogs´owners with awesome blogs. So, after a very hard time, you can see my list below.
I took this chance to introduce you four artists that you must know: Pablo Uria, Mar del Valle Seoane, Vampirneko and Fio. Pablo Uria is an ilustrator focused on Fantasy and Science Fiction subjects, quite classical. However Vampirneko and Fio have been influenced by anime and manga. At last but not least, Mar del Valle Seoane has a very personal style: dark, Gothic but erotic like Klimt´s paintings. So, hurry up! go and visit them right now!
These are three of my favorite writers: the first one must be Cotidiano Apocalipsis. I´ve found it out recently and there you can find micro stories, thinkings and even more, haikus! Maldita srta Ming is an erotic short stories blog but Ithink it´s not very updated. Where are you, miss Ming? At last but not least, Ladyann´s fictions. You have to keep on writing them! and all of you know what to do, go and read them all!

Vampirnerko´s art