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Tom Waits was in Dublin on my birthday and I could attend his gig. After some issues with the tickets, we got them and went: I couldn´t believe it! I was about to attend the Tom Waits´gig! My first one! The tour was named Glitter and Doom and for ir, he designed a tent that it made the gig looked like more a 40´s Vodeville than a XXI century concert. However, the sound couldn´t be better, the band, impressive and Waits, friendly and warm.

The songs, unlike I´ve thought, they were from all his albums not only from the last one, Orphans. The gig, almost three hours, was mixing faster rhythms with his more weighty blues always keeping the audience on his hands. When he sat down to the piano, almost like a chitchat, Tom starts telling us stories. I´ve always admired him as a musician and an artist, but now after seeing him live, he is a show man indeed. He does know how to tell and he does it perfectly due to his all experience.

As special moment, I´d like to remark when the audience sang together with Tom Innocent when you dream and the last song, Make it Rain. After this last one, the band left the stage but after several minutes begging for more, they played 3 songs more.

There are some people that complaint about the setlist because it didn´t include the songs that they wanted but, during the three days that he was in Dublin, he changed songs to make all the shows different and he didn´t repeat any of his stories. I do think he worked hard on each show.

The only thing I didn´t like was the audience. Many people was coming and going out during all the concert. It´s a lack of respect to the artist and to the other people attending the gig.

I leave you with the setlist and the song Make it Rain.

Down in the hole
Come on up the house
The bottom of the world
Jockey full of bourbon
Chocolate Jesus
Misery is the river of the world
Picture in a frame
Tango till they’re sore
Invitation to the blues
House where nobody lives
Innocent when you dream
Lie to me
Sixteen shells from a thirty-ought six
9th & Hennepin
Black market baby
Trampled rose
Hoist that rag
All the world is green
Hang down your head
Raindogs/Russian Dance
Make it rain
Heart attack and vine
Hold on