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Curse on anyone who love a red-eyed creature, because he or she will weep blood tears!

Sambre is an Imposible love story of two young people, belonging to very different social classes, in France before 1848 revolution. Yslaire created a passion like Wuthering Heights´, Madame Bovary´s or Eugenie Grandet´s: two doomed slaves characters to decadent families in a declaining country.

It´s a five-chapters graphic novel, so far because they didn´t refuse to keep on working on it in the future. In the first two volumes, Balac collaborated in the plot while in the following volumes, Yslaire worked on his own.

I love Sambre, the story is very well told with a good rymth, the picture by Yslaire are impressive. Nevertheless, the last volume seems more a beginning than an ending to me but needless to say that I recommend it. It´s awesome! I don´t want to leave this post like this without tell you that Yslaire has just published the second volume of “Sambre´s war: Hugo and Iris” that it´s a prequel of this five volumens.