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Three. I’ve been in Ireland three years so far and it seems yesterday when I arrived. This time could be summarized in preparation and hard work to create my life. As the time is going by, there are new questions and doubts but during this year, I made up my mind: small decisions for big changes.

Along these months, there have been sowing and making bets. At the moment, hard work should be continued. I’m glad with my choices, my small achieves and changes. Although I’ve some problems, I must confess my satisfactions. I love my life like it is.

On 14th January 2006, I arrived in Dublin full of doubts, bad habits and many questions. Maybe the unknown will continue but if before I was absolutely sure about what I don’t want in my life, now it’s time to keep what I want in my life. I could summarize it in few words: Quality of living. This means: I want a interesting job, a good balance between my job and my life, time for my projects but above all I want time to spend with my partner, my friends, to enjoy the small things because time flies.

I’m very happy with these three years and I’m excited to see what happen next.