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Some friends and I attended Lordi´s gig last Sunday 15th February. It was the first time that I was going to see their live and I was looking forward.

They played in Dublin Temple Bar venue named Button Factory; it was a small stage where Iwe attended few gigs before like Sahara Hotnights´gig during Swedish Festival and Tassel Club show named Cirque du Cabaret.

Lordi guest were Two Tales of Woe, a Doom/Sludge Metal Irish band. They´d a strong and dense music and they did it very well on the stage. They were launching their first album: A conversation with Death and we took the chance to buy one right there. I liked them a lot even doom metal is not my cup of tea. Before leaving the played a fantastic mighty cover of Peter Gabriel´s Sledgehammer that you can see in Youtube.

Two tales of Woe

Lordi @ Button Factory

Lordi show started at few minutes to nine. The stage was decorated like in a Horror movie (dismembered bodies, jars full of eyeballs, skulls and blood everywhere) and then is when Mr. Lordi, like a Ceremony Master, launched all his mosnters collections paying special attention to their lastest album, Deadache.

I don´t know why but I thought that Lordi would just play using few fireworks at the stage and that´s all. But no, I was absolutely wrong, Mr. Lordi dressed up like different characters (like a leather face kind serial killer with a chainsaw throwing fake blood to audicence, like a man wih rat head, like Doctor Sin and of course, like Red Sandman). They really made the most of that very small stage. What really surprised me (and I liked it) was that the rest of the band made a short perfomance between songs as well. For example, the drummers decapitated a Samurai and put his head on the top of his drumms or when the guitar player called on his egyptian ancestors. It was an awesome spectacular show. Lordi music is a classic Heavy metal influeced by Kiss, Alice Cooper and Twister Sister. Maybe they are not doing anything new but they are fantastic music players and awesome showmen.

If I could attend any other of their gigs, definitively I will. And of couse, they left the stage after their Hard Rock Alleluyah.

Pictures by Shammael and myself.