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A few months ago, I included a new section in my links sidebar: Tips & Tools. There, I´m adding all the links which I find interesting and I don´t want to lose them. You can find site with English books for preparing official exams, blogs by expats in Canada and from now on, there is a French free online radio site. This one, with french newspaper Le Figaro, are very helpful for preparing TCF exam.

For le cinéma section: this week we have watched L´empire des loups and Peur(s) de noir. Regarding to the first movie, I liked its complex plot. Although its development was a little bit slow, I like the end. About the second movie, it was some short animation stories. I liked the last one because it reminded me of Poe´s ones.

And talking about other things, I´ve just received the confirmation from the copyright office. So now my haikus are copyrighted and it´s time to search a Publishing Company interested in publishing them.