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On Thursday 24th September, I attended a Tori Amos´concert for first time. It took place in Kongresové Centrum in Prague, Czech Republic. We were on the first row of the first floor and from there, we could see all the stage.  In the middle there was an impressive black  grand piano and three keyboards. One of them on the grand piano and the other two behind Tori. On the right, the drummer was with a huge drumms section with a gong at his back. On the left,  the bass player was. This guy played not only the bass player but different kinds of guitar,  avioloncello, a bass profundo  and some other instruments. 

When Tori came out on the stage, she looked tiny but when she started singing, she filled  the stage. You couldn´t look at any other places but hers. She was playing for about three hours without any break  but it flew very fast. She didn´t speak too much with the audience but when she did, she was warm and so close. I would like to point out the quality of the musicians who played with her. They were professional and stunning.

It was a very special concert. The songs that I liked them more were Cornflake Girl and Precious Things. In both of them, the audience went crazy and during the second one, the drummer was fantastic., breathtaking!

You can see the setlist below.

1. Give
2.Beauty Of Speed
3.Cornflake Girl
7.Space Dog
8.Bells For Her
9.Marys of the Sea
11.Take To The Sky
13.Jamaica Inn
14.Yes Anastasia
15.Snow Cherries From France
17.Lady in Blue
18.Cars And Guitars
20.Precious Things
21.Strong Black Vine

22.Raspberry Swirl
23. Big Wheel

Pictures by Shammael.