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I must confess that I’ve a soft spot for making lists for anything and I’ve realised that I didn’t include any in the blog so far. So I’ve made up my mind and I will write my Top 10. It’s true that Guillermo‘s andZhu‘s post have been inspiring for it. Here it goes, my Top-10 of my favorite Irish writers.

  1. John Connolly.
    This Dubliner hook me up with his Charlie Parker‘s saga. I’m reading the second book and I’m glad because I still have many of them pending to be read!
  2. Sammuel Beckett.
    Another dubliner who made me wait long time for Godot. And I still do.
  3. Garth Ennis.
    I know, he is a comic scriptwriter and he was born in Northern Ireland but I really loved his Preacher saga so, here he is.
  4. Oscar Wilde.
    Of course.
  5. George Bernard Shaw.
    Because of his articles and his black sense of humour. ok, fair enough, because of his Pygmalion as well.
  6. Lord Dunsany.
    I liked his short stories
  7. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.
    Camilla. What else do I have to say?
  8. Bram Stoker.
    Any question about why he’s in the list?
  9. James Joyce.
    Although I only read his Ulysses and in Spanish, not in English, I don’t know if I would include him.
  10. Roddy Doyle
    Because of his Barrytown’s triology (The Commitments and The Snapper are two of them).

And what about you? Do you like any writer from your new (or not so new) country?