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How I already commented in formats, the way of telling a story is changing to be more adapted to the new reader and it’s very interesting for me how music is getting more important in the literature. I’m not talking about to tell a story with music like songwriters or the minstrels and jesters; no, I’m talking about the stories with a soundtrack. We have plenty of examples such as Stephen King and his pasion for Ramones (like he confessed after Pet Sematary’s publication) but this time, I mean when the writing work is supported by music like when Poe and her album Haunted toured with her brother, Mark Z. Danielewski after his House of Leaves were published or when John Connolly shortly after the publication of The black Angel, he launched an anthology of songs entitled Voices from the dark. Other recently example is when Neil Gaiman was signing his last work, The book of the graveyard, he came with the singer Amanda Palmer.

Everytime all the arts are closer between them, so close that it’s impossible to realise when one ends and when the other one starts. For me, when I write, I always do it listening to music and the style depends on the kind of writing I’m working on; and even more, sometimes because of the music I could find the right tone for my work or unblock an idea.

And what about you? What do you think about it? Do you think that music is a big part of writing and vice versa? I leave you with Poe’s video “Hey Pretty” with her brother is reading some parts of House of Leaves. I hope you like it.

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