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This year is about to end but we still have plenty of time for a summary. 2009 has brought many things, some of them, very good and some others, not so good. If it started with the chance to move to Sweden, and now, in its end, I’m certain that we won’t move to any Scandinavian country or at least, not by now. But you never know, maybe this 2010 could bring new places to be discovered.

If I should explain this year in short, I would say that I spent it studying, working and taking exams. I took the following exams: CAE, Trinity 12th grade and TCF in French. I got two out three so it ain’t bad. For that, one of them will be one of my new year resolutions. In a nutshell, it was a good year, with some improvements, some surprises and of course, many changes going on.

My 2010 resolutions are the following: start preparing for taking these two exams CPE and Trinity 12th grade. So, I’ll work hard to improve my English because it’s time to do it after four years in Dublin, isn’t it? I’d like to enrol a creative writing course as well in English. Shortly after, there are some resolutions like to have my novel done, get my haikus published and keep on writing my short stories and poems. I’m not going to include any resolution about take care of myself and love me because from now on, they should be habits. It’s said and done!

Anyway, there are few subjects that I don’t want to talk in this post because they are not resolutions anymore, they are projects that will be done soon (soon is a time unit defined by goverment and burocracy workers).

I leave you with Tori Amos and her precious things because this year, finally I saw her live.

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