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This is the third post that I write about the new formats used to tell a story. If in the previous two posts, I talked about the blogs that become books and the books that inspired their own soundtrack; now I would like to talk about when music and image merge together to tell a story. If the musical theatre or movies are very old, I mean its shorter version: music videos. In about five minutes or even less, they introduce some characters, a plot and a surprising ending. The structure is similar to microfiction’s. These microfictions are very popular now because they are the best option for Internet. Nevertheless, both cases are not new, they started in their late sixties or early seventies.

I’ve chosen three music videos with very different music, subject and narrative form.

1. A-ha: Take on me
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The story is simple, it’s just a romantic love story with a tragic ending: two young people from two different worlds, met and fell in love. A bad guy tried to avoid their runaway together. Maybe it’s full with cliches but it’s easy, nice and when it was created, it was the best music video together with Thriller by Michael Jackson.

2. Rammstein: Du hast
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Between A-ha’s and Rammstein’s music videos, there had been many different more music videos with better tecniques and special effects. I’ve chosen this one because I like the song (quite different from A-ha’s one) and Rammstein is a band who makes very interesting videos with a story on it. They are quite polemic and transgressor. Du Hast and Engel are influenced by Quentin Tarantino and his movies Reservoir Dogs and From Dusk till dawn.

3. Nine inch nails: Pinion
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Last, this short video (just 1.23 minutes) without lyrics, almost without music shows us a sick nightmare that makes us wonder why is that man (or woman) there? How did s/he get there? Why this punishment? It’s a whole story by itself but it could a beginning or even an end of a longer story.

These three example are just a sample of what was done and is being done at the moment but there will be more and they will be different in all the possible ways. I suppose that one of the most insteresting option will be two or more art forms merged in just new, reloaded futuristic one. Always searching for the moment, the brevity and the impact in just few seconds. Where Internet is becoming vast and huge, the quality should stand up on its way.


When could we order art á la carte? Just focused on one consumer?