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Social networks can help you to get in touch with school mates, previous jobs mates, friends but meet new people with the same likes and dislikes too. Maybe the most famous ones are Facebook and Twitter. both of them very different and both with millions of users.

Twitter is 140-character communication service platform. It could be a microbloggin’ service and social networking. With these messages, known as tweets, users can send and receive messages and using hash tags (tags with symbol hash) can chat as well. Maybe it could seem quite easy but it took me a while to get use to it and now, it hooks on me. It helped me to meet new friends, poets, writers and agents. Using the hashtags I’ve met many users with my same hobbies.

The thing that surprised me most is how close the artists are to fans. You can write them, comment about what they’re saying and know when they will make a gig or attend any event.

Here I’m leaving some links that I’ve found very helpfull and interesting guide for writers by Inkygirl and by tribalwriter. Tags for writers. Chats for writers. I hope you like them.

And you, what do you think about twitter?