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Is poetry an endangered species? After reading the article by Betty Badaui on Canal Literatura’s website, I was wondering about this question and some others like do we need poetry? I don’t think it would be an endangered species and I do think we do need it. Moreover, I do know that new formats will come in the same way that some of them already came. Maybe the most known is the lyrics where poetry has music as vehicle to let its message come across to the audience. Another examples are music videos or movie soundtrack to tell a story, to express an idea or just a feeling. For example, Blue by Kieślowski where music was a metaphor of liberty.

Nevertheless, although new forms, new ways, new formats will come but the subjects wil remain the same. We’re still talking about what hurts us, what makes us happy, what makes us smile or what we long badly. In my view Poetry will be with us while there are language, communication and mankind. And what about after? New languages, new ways to communicate, new beings, new poetry will be.

What do you think about it?