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Happy Pills
Gabriella Campbell
Editorial Alea Blanca

Gabriella Campbell is a modern woman, a bold voice and a sharp pen, stright to the point. So her first poetry book reading stings and attracts at the same time. Happy Pills was created like a record or a cassette, with two sides: A and B,

Shall we die together in this souls’ drain?

Side A, Serotonin, talks about pain, sadness and insanity. Beauty is no longer in conventional or safe places. We’re the lost generation between duty and truth. We’re told about rules but they are not useful anymore letting us rambling on empty roads listing to our inner own fears.

Don’t commit any sin with her, but with me.

Side B, the Maidens’ consent, is the feminity and sex bold images. It’s a journey accross the desire where silhouettes and empty beds’ devastations are in display. Forgotten passion’s echo are like ghosts in old polaroids. I’m afraid that Eros was devoured by Syphilis.

The poetry book by Gabriella can remind us many voices (singers, forecasters, celebrities on TV shops shows, fashion magazines, sick poets, preachers and voiceless mimes) but it wouldn’t be like hers. She is not selling or teaching anything, it’s more like she was telling us her secret in the middle of the night. If I had to describe Happy Pills, I would say that its the female answer to Bukowski’s poetry.

There is nothing else that we can do but running away from our own hand-made monsters.