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Coming back to my last year resolution, I must admit that I’ve done a lot of them. On one hand, I’ve kept on improving my English and although I didn’t take the 12th Trinity College ESOL grade, I did the 11th and I passed it! Now I’m waiting for CPE results (fingers crossed!). So this year, I will take the last grade. However, this years starts with another examen: IELTS. It seems that every year starts with an English exam (or at least, the last three years).

But leaving the examns apart, this year I finnished my first novel draft and the resolution for this year is editing and re-writing it again. I would like to keep on writing poetry, editing my haiky poetry book and writing short stories; and reading a little bit more this year.

This year we will start planning our honeymoon trip and I just can’t wait! I will keep you posted.

And for last but not least, I want to enjoy every single day of this year and be happy, at least as happy as last year or even happier!