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Everybody has a favourite actor, singer or artist. A person who inspire us or makes us feel admiration. I guess this is different from one person to another but for me, I do value the honesty. I mean when an artist share with us how s/he is showing us his/her weakness and strengths. When s/he dares to confess what mistakes s/he has committed or what kills them inside.

They use their art to show what they’re feeling, their own fears and happiness making us to be part of it. It’s like the old times heroes need to be seen vulnerable to be understood and respected.

In my case, one of this idols is Tori Amos and I leave this interview with you where she talks about her miscarriadges and how there is a light at the end of the tunnel. However, I would like to mention a band named Blue October that I’ve found out recently and with interviews like this one makes me respect and admire them. I hope you like them.

And what about you? What makes you admire an artist?