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Although I haven’t written here for a while, it doesn’t mean that this blog is closed. I’ve been thinking to change the look of my two blogs, A place to call my own and Stiletto, and go back writing regularly. However, it’s very hard to find the right theme. Plus, you should have seen a couple of attempts here but the results is far from what I would like to. However, I’ve found a theme for Stiletto and I thinks it’s going to look like I would like to but it’s going to take a lot of time to customize it. I will keep you posted.
Moreover, I have to hurry it up because my degree classes starts at the end of September and afterwards, I won’t have life. I have many projects in mind but I need to be sensible about my time. Anyway, I want to learn Adobe After Effects because I love Kinetic Typography videos like this one here.

Let’s make it started!