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I’ve just found this project created by Nickolay Lamm, The History of Music, where he is representing visually how often some words appear in song lyrics and how popular these songs are. The horizontal axis is the year of the song and the y-axis is the song’s popularity according to Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles. Here you can see three examples but there are many more on his website. I’ve taken the words Love, Sex and Foul as examples. For instance, Love used to appear more before 2k year but the word Sex has become more popular since then. The graphic of the word Foul is all the cursing words (such as “f*ck” “f*cking” “p*ssy” “b*tch” “b*itches” “h*e” “h*oes” and “as$”). And the less we sing about Love, the more these “foul” words are more popular.


I love music and I must admit that if the lyrics is not good enough, the song doesn’t get into my skin. Words make music powerful or at least, for me they do. The first thing that I thought watching these graphics was grunge movement during mid or late nineties. In general, I would say that songs became bitter and more despaired. But in my case, I didn’t notice it at all. Like Tom Waits, “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things”.