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I’m not a great fan of memes but this one really grabbed my attention. It’s an Inspiration Map. The rules of this meme are that you should include all your inspirations as an artist. In my case, it would be impossible to include them all but I’ve included the most relevant. I’ve also put the year because every time I find new artists, they become part of my map.

  1. Little Eartquakes by Tori Amos. This is her first album and the first one that I listened by her. She is one of most recurrent inspiration sources. Not only as an artist (writing, drawing, designing, etc) but also as a person.
  2. Yslaire. I love his comics and the way he tells a story. My favorite is Heaven XX.Com (but Sambre is just a little wonder itself).
  3. Sandman. I could say so many reasons why and still it wouldn’t be enough.
  4. Bettie Page and Olivia de Berardinis. I love pin-ups, and among all of them, Bettie Page. Although I love the classic painters of pin-up girls, Olivia was the one who discovered them to me.
  5. Frazetta. If someone has been able to capture the fantasy, the warriors and beautiful women on his works, he was Fran Frazzeta without any doubt.
  6. Tom Waits, because the sad story melodies have a broken voice and smells like Bourbon.
  7. Poe. My childhood nightmares had poetry.
  8. Led Zeppelin and Stairway to Heaven. There was a before and after of this song and of this band.
  9. Alice Cooper and Dave McKean. I love them how they tell disturbing stories.
  10. Iron Maiden and Eddie, because their lyrics and covers inspired many of my short fictions.
  11. Brom. Disturbing, fetich and dark art. If you don’t know his novels, I would highly recommend them.
  12. Labyrinth because through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...
If you feel like doing this meme or read more about it, I’ve found it here.