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houses of the holy

Houses of the Holy

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Album: Houses of the Holy
Designers: Aubrey Powell/Storm Thorgerson. Hignosis.

Last week, in my Influence Map, I mentioned Led Zeppelin as one of my biggest influences as a writer and designer. I remember my teenager years where I saved every single peseta (yep, we didn’t have Euros at the time) to buy a record from any of second hand record shops nearby. I also remember how much time I would spend looking at the covers trying to guess what story would be behind of each image.

One of these records was Houses of the Holy. It was long after I found out that the picture was taken in Giant Causeway in Northern Ireland. The image was inspired by Childhood’s end by Arthur C. Clarke. Many pictures were taken during 10 days of two children in black and white (because of never ending rain). It was hand-tinted. The inner sleeve image was taken in Dunluce Castle nearby Giant Causeway.

My favorite song is No Quarter.