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1. Where can we see your work?

2. An artist that you admire.
Alejandro Colucci, Frank Franzetta, Sachin Teng, Daniela Uhlig, Jeff Simpson… honestly, I don’t think I could choose only one. I love many (too many) illustrators, with very different styles and ways of working. It’s the good thing of this world, everybody works on their own way with a different result yet all of them are accepted.

3. What do you prefer to use for your works? (oil painting, charcoal, coloured pencils, Photoshop, etc).
Pencil and paper first, then Photoshop. Also, I like Autodesk’ Sketchbook lately. And I’m playing around with Autodesk’s Mudbox for 3D design. You can make pretty cool things!

4. And last but not least, tell us a dream (or a secret).
I have many dreams and I guess some of them are just unrealistic but some other are not. I’d like to “cross the ocean” and live in USA or Canada. I’d like to make a living with my illustrations. I’ve like to become better and in the meantime, I enjoy drawing and illustrating.

Thanks, Pablo. I hope you all enjoy the interview and his works. If you want to take part in this section, or as a guest or suggesting artists, leave a comment below.