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Another Speed Interviewing post and this time, I have Marina Muñoz García with us. Why don’t you drop by her website and leave a (kind) comment about her work?

1. Where can we see your work?
www.marinamg.com here you can also find links to my social media pages.

2. Tell me an artist that you admire.
This question is a tricky one and for me, it’s impossible to choose only one, no even in Art. I’ve been following the work of an illustrator called Sonia Pulido for a while. I admire her a lot and I think most of the work I’m doing now is clearly influenced by her. Take a look to Caniculadas blog, comic and illustration… I know that it was only one artist and me, I started talking about illustration… I can’t help myself!

3. What do you prefer to use when you’re working?
Oh my, it depends on the moment, but the basics are pencil (rolling pen, coloured pencil, etc.) and paper.

4.  And last but not least, tell us a dream (or a secret).
A dream, traveling, to be able to afford traveling, and for that I need to keep my job, that makes two dreams. Wait for me, Rome! A secret, when I was a child, I would wish badly the peace on the world, now I just grew up.

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