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PAD Poem a day is a poetry challenge in which you write a poem a day during April. Everyday, a new prompt is suggested by Robert Lee Brewer. This is not the first year that I take part, actually I try to take part as much as possible. It’s quite demanding but not as much as Nanowrimo, for example, but it’s very inspiring. Sometimes, it’s quite liberating because I let myself go and my writing is quite unconscious. This year, I decided to write all my entries with haikus (5,7,5 syllables three verse poem).

Unfortunately, I have my writing blog under construction but you can read some of them below. Have you ever taken any creative challenge? If so, which one? Do you think it helped you to increase your creativity?


Losing this battle
To get caught into darkness
Gone before starting.

Flawed champion

Hunting high and low
Counting the number of scars
Still hanging in there.

Beyond the flesh

Your smile, sweet and sour
Beyond the leaves, honey fruit
Just a cannibal